The Undergrowby Map of Mysteries

A unique and delightful oracle system from the gnome-land of Undergrowby, a land which exists just below the surface of life as we know it. Undergrowby is a complete world much like our own but simpler, more child-like and more in touch with the natural laws which, whether we like it or not, affect every atom and molecule in the universe, visible and invisible.

To consult the Undergrowby oracle, known as the Map of Mysteries, you will need a copy of the map and its readings which Carol Gray has written out in book form for the use of humans. It is heavily illustrated with Carol's hand-painted portraits of the ancestor gnomes who once lived at the destinations, along with their helpful uplifting messages to guide you skilfully along life's twisty road. You will wonder how you ever managed without it. You might devise your own personal short-cut techniques for using the map and that is fine too. Whatever works best for you and proves itself to deliver the truth, is the way to go. To start with, use the map as the book suggests, then follow your inner leadings.

An A4 map is supplied with every book, along with a bag of map-reading tools, which take the form of a tiny friendly pet rock map guide (no two alike) and seven clay footstep coins.
A large tea-towel-sized map printed on cloth is also available independently. It is much more relaxing to use because it is easier to see than the A4 version, and easier for you pet rock to keep to the path, so if you think you will be using the map regularly(you can use it a hundred times a day if you have enough concerns), it would make sense to get a large cloth map.
The map could be framed and wall-hung with its own secret carrier bag containing the book and map-reading tools hanging behind it, ready for whipping off the wall and on to the table in a trice, in case of emergencies.

Where to buy.
You can buy the book, A4 map, tea towel map and map-reading tools from the online shop on Undergrowby's main website,,

visit the Magic Wand Factory Shop, 311, Dickson Road, Blackpool,

by phone, 01253 353800

Book with A4 map and bag of tools